Let's Talk Rings (Jewellery)

by - March 13, 2018

A little bit of a different post here for you today. I figured there's many different types of people who read/come across my blog, so I wanted to do a post that might be of interest to those who are interested in jewellery. I myself don't wear much jewellery, but when I do, I especially reach for rings, and ones that are stackable too.

For women who know they'll always wish to wear more than one ring together, these choices from BBBGem are perfect. But also if at all like me, you may want to place on rings solo (like, while going to the gym or travelling), selecting a traditional shape is the best.

When buying an expensive ring it is good to consider and understand what you desire. Some rings can be excessively striking, which can overshadow your existing ring. You also have to ensure the rings won't rub against each other in a fashion that will damage your rings material or perhaps the gems/stone within them. Some rubbing can happen, but height is a huge aspect in working out if it'll be an issue.

When choosing a ring, I personally think it's best to choose something timeless, again, this is often an individual preference. Many also believe rings are bought only for weddings and engagements, but that ain't true! Girls you can buy/get bought a ring for whatever reason! Not going to lie, whenever I think about what I want my future engagement/wedding ring to look like, I've been tempted to think about different gemstones or metals (I am a bit of a rose gold snob), I keep reminding myself this ring isn't the ultimate little bit of jewellery I'll ever buy, but it will be something I will be wearing each day for (hopefully) the rest of my existence.
So, if you want to become bold making a move because that's your personality, do it. But don't choose the style of the ring based on trends.

I've always loved and have been interested in birthstone rings, these choices of Aquamarine rings (my birthstone! I'm a March baby) are so beautiful, what's your birthstone?

See you in my next post!
Melody xo.

*This post is kindly sponsored by BBBGem*

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