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by - June 07, 2017

Hey! Hi! Hello! Remember me?

It's almost been a year since my last update, if I remember correctly I said I would keep up with this blog.. looks like I lied, sorry! Not intentionally though, I promise! So here's 
what I've been up to this past year:

  • I went back to Hong Kong for a month in June 2016 to see my family, especially my grandma

Me (my hair doesn't like this anymore, thank goodness!) with my Por Por <3

  • Got my hair did at the most fanciest hair salon I've ever been to in my life (I finally got the steel grey hair I had been dreaming over for months!)
Started off as a gorgeous steel blue colour

Then faded to a beautiful steel grey
(Eventually I lost majority of the grey after 4/5 months of being back in the UK, so I just rocked the silvery blonde colour for a bit before I dyed my hair to my now, current colour: pastel blue and purple.)
  • Went to my 2nd favourite place in the world, Japan, for almost a week with my cousin and auntie

Osaka, Japan

  • Finished my year long student work placement in August 2016

  • Went back to uni for my final year in September 2016
  • Had numerous mental breakdowns over the workload.. and that was only the first week back!
  • Hated myself for my worst enemy, aka procrastination, which resulted in me getting 1 or 2 bad grades for the first time ever while at uni, but luckily I managed to pick my grades back up and even the scores out.
  • Went on my very first professional music video shoot as a Production Assistant in January 2017.
  • More mental breakdowns and panic
  • Played Producer twice, for some live shows we had to stream online as part of my assessment.
  • Booked my Graduation gown and tickets which made it feel more real that it's happening.
  • Went to London to film England Handball Finals, but almost blacked out the night before due to being tired and a complete lightweight at drinking.. (oops!)
 At this point I just felt horrid and wanted nothing more than to go back to the Hotel and sleep haha, but I had such a good night with these guys <3

Didn't get back to the hotel till midnight, and I couldn't sleep at all due to a crying child in the next room. But was up and on location by 7:30am the following day for a 12hours shift at England Handball, the struggle was very very real.
  • Went to my very first course celebration event, even though it's been going on for 5 years. I never went the previous years because I didn't feel like I fitted in or had friends I could hang with there, funny how things change, because I had the best time ever this year when I decided to show my face haha.

 Got nominated by my lecturers for "Best Use of Graphics" but I had no chance of winning with the people I was up against, but I was the only girl in the category, so I guess I won on that fact?

 Was so good to see Joe! He is currently on the same placement that I was on a year prior to him.

Going for drinks with my lecturers and course mates after the celebration event.
Can't wait to graduates with these guys, I have so so so much love for this lot.

  • I made myself a website/portfolio now that I'm graduating and need to learn how to 'adult'
  • Had my first and second freelance work meeting on the 5th June, and secured myself a 'per video' job and another opportunity to do some more work shadowing for industry experience.

Talking video ideas :)

And I think that's everything to round up my past year, I've had a lot on and wasn't prepared for the heavy workload of uni after being away from it for a year. I thought time felt like it was dragging at the start and it's actually crazy how fast it's gone, I honestly can't believe I'm graduating next month! It feels so surreal, these last 4 years has flown by, and I can't wait for all the exciting things happening in the next coming months!

Now that I have more free time, I'll be sure to keep this blog updated, as I've been trying/using a lot of new products that I'm so in love with and want to share with you all.
All this free time also means I can finally sort out the mess that is the layout of this blog, been meaning to do it for years but never got round to it hehehe..

Melody xo

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