Too Cool For School ARTCLASS By Rodin Shading

by - June 11, 2017

Every contour kit (drugstore) I've ever bought and used in the past has always come off too warm on me, or the undertone is too red for my skintone. So recently I've been on the hunt for a new contour kit, I've been eyeing up the Missha Touch On palette after watching the Korean makeup artist, Pony, use it in one of her makeup tutorials on YouTube.

At the same time, my brother's girlfriend was also doing the same, and she very kindly bought me the Too Cool For School ARTCLASS By Rodin Shading. The girl spoils me wayyyyy too much >__< I am so forever grateful for her generosity!

Before I had this contour kit I had never heard of the brand before, but apparently it is a popular makeup brand in Korea. I tried to do some more research on the brand, but unfortunately could not find much info on it.

(Please forgive me for the non "blogger" style photos, I'm working on getting that skill up to scratch for my next posts!)

Let's get into the review!

Personally, I love the design of the outer packaging, the design has a very vintage feel to it and the cardboard box is slightly textured and feels sturdy so you just know the product will be good quality too!

I can't read Korean, but if you can, here's the back of the box if you're interested.

 Once it's taken out the box, there is a tissue paper sleeve wrapped around the product.

Out of the tissue paper sleeve, the design on the product is a reversed colour of the outer packaging. The details are also embossed/indented into the circular box.

The back of the product, and more Korean words that I can't read..

When you open the lid, there is a circular plastic laminate with the word "Artclass" printed across it to protect the actual product. There is also a decent sized mirror in the lid, so it's perfect for touch ups when out and about throughout the day. The product is pretty light and thin too, so there's not going to be much added weight to your makeup bags!

Below I've taken a few photos of the contour kit in different lightings so you get a good idea of what the 3 colours look like in reality.

 The photo above is the most accurate to what the colours look like in person.

 The product is matte with no shimmers in them, and it's so smooth and buttery to the touch.

As mentioned before, there are 3 shades in the palette:
Left: Skintone/highlight colour
Middle: Cool ash tone brown
Right: Warm brown

I like to use the middle colour to contour my nose as I find it's the perfect shade to do it, the highlight colour on features I want to bring forward and I use all 3 colours for the hollows of my cheeks. I'll occasionally use the warm brown on it's own or on top of the cooler brown to bring some warmth back to my face and to deepen the contour further.

On the back of the outer packaging it gives you 2 tips on how to improve the contouring of the face.
Tip 1: Gently brush off the three mixed colours across the overall face line to give shades.
Tip 2: Use colours separately for designing your face to accentuate your facial features including nose and hair line etc.
(Image Source:

Here's what the contour looks like on me, please do the excuse the over pouty pictures!

I wore it for about 10 hours, and it was a very warm and humid day in the UK, but all those hours later, the contour still looked so bomb 😍

So what I like about this contour/shading palette is, it's so natural looking, even when I'm accidentally heavy handed when applying it (it's a bad habit..), I could still probably get away with it, it's very forgiving!
I naturally have a chubby face, so my cheek bones are practically non-existent, but with this product it brings shape and shadows back to my face, without it looking like I tried hard to chisel my face contours out.
It's also super easy to blend out and on top of other makeup, I use the Real Techniques Foundation Brush to do it.

I know it's not what it's suppose to be used for and I have more appropriate brushes, but because it's a dense brush it gives me more control on the placement of the product and I'm a total noob at blending, so it just ensures that I've properly melted the product into my skin.

The shades in this palette is perfect for my light-medium Asian skin tone, I'm in the colour Fiji/Punjab in Nars Sheer Glow, 53 in Bourjois Healthy Mix, and W3 in L'Oreal True Match. If you are any lighter than me I still think these colours would suit you just fine, however, if you have darker skintones I'm afraid I don't think the shades would show up on you 😞.

I have no idea where my brother's girlfriend bought it, but I found that you can purchase it on Amazon:
UK: £15.80, Click here
Rest of the world: $15.83, Click here

OR £14.32 on YesStyle*

If you have used this product before let me know what you think of it below in the comments, because I'm totally in love with it!

Melody xo

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