What's In My Bag | September 2017 Edition

by - September 11, 2017

The "What's in my bag?" tag has been floating around the blogging and YouTube world for a while now, it's a tag that many revisits every time they get a new bag in their life. So I'm hopping on to this tag train and maybe I'll revisit it again when I get a new bag in the future!

When it comes to bags, I am quite fussy with the appearance. I like my bags to be simple, not too much going on, also I don't mind there being a logo but it has to be small and not "in your face".
As I would be travelling a little bit in August, I needed a new bigger bag as most of the bags I own don't allow me to fit too much in or they become too heavy when I have a lot in.

The bag I ended up buying was this backpack for £39 at York Designer Outlet (rrp - £70).
Most places I've seen sell the bag for £70, but Debenhams sells the bag for £65.

The bag has a quilted patterned panel at the front to contrast against the rest of the bag. When a bag is fully black it can tend to look "flat", so the quilted panel gives the bag a little something extra.
It uses silver hardware for detailing against the black synthetic leather, and has buckle straps, adjustable to the users comfort level.

Front Pocket Panel
In this front pocket I like to keep things that I tend to reach for quite often, and don't mind losing.

Dior Mirror
Wet Wipes
Nail Files
Hair Tie
Liquide Eyeliner Pen
Lip Balm
Oil Blotting Sheets

Main Compartment
Inside of the bag is fully lined with a polyester fabric and the Fiorelli 'F' and logo printed all over. There is also a zipped pocket and two small pouches.
 Sunglasses & Case
More Wet Wipes & Tissues
Phone Charger Plug (I usually put the cable in before going out)
Hand Cream
Owl Purse
(I'll usually throw it into my bag after I've decided on the colour when doing my makeup)
In the owl purse I tend to put small tech/gadgets, such as a clip on lens set and an iPhone headphone jack adaptor.

Internal Zipped Pocket
iPod Nano - Third Generation
Pebble Portable Charger
iPhone 7 Earphones

Back Zipped Pocket
Like the front pocket, I like to keep things easily accessible in the back pocket. As it is zipped I tend to put more personal items in there such as spare panty liners or period pads there ready for mother nature's arrival.

So! That's all there is to my bag, it's already holding a lot but there is plenty of space left for more if I wanted to add to it. I've been using this bag for over a month now and I adore this bag so much, my favourite purchase for the month of August for sure.

I'd love to know what bag you use and have a little nosey into what's in your bag. Let me know below :)

Love, Melody xo

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  2. That backpack is soo cute!