Care Tips For Virgin Human Hair Extensions

by - March 12, 2018

Virgin real hair extensions are costly, however they're certainly worth buying since they're natural, plus they are more easy to maintain and less time consuming to tame unlike treated and artificial hair options. There are plenty of styles you can buy in addition to colour shades and lengths when purchasing the virgin real hair extension.

If you're not interested in taking care of it, then you definitely risk damaging it from dryness and improper care. When you purchase virgin real hair extensions, it is best that you simply discover what the very best methods for taking proper care of your hair weave is, as hair can differ from brand to brand. Here are a few fundamental but essential care tips which will be sure to keep your virgin real hair extension remaining in good shape thus serving hair goalssss!.

Tip 1 - Brush it before washing and before you go to bed. This can be a simple practice that eliminates tangles because of friction or wind. It's very essential that you avoid brushing your hair when wet because follicles are usually vulnerable during this time period.

Tip 2 - Choose a natural shampoo that's sulfate free. The truth is sulfate only strips hair of skin oils which are essential. Since your scalp doesn't give you the necessary nutrients, you should utilise products that don't dry out your hair strands. Choose skin oils and conditioners to handle the virgin real hair extension with no damage to it by any means.

Tip 3 - When cleansing the virgin real hair extensions use tepid to warm water so that you don't damage the scalp and cuticles. Wash in gentle downward motions while using palms. Avoid bunching up or scrubbing your hair together since it opens cuticles so when they rub together they cause friction.

Tip 4 - When still wet, give a couple of drops of skin oils like coconut and almond and be sure are applying evenly therefore it penetrates cuticles and moisturises it as being appropriate. Rinse hair with cold water to lock-in nutrients and moisture, then let it air dry so you don't dry up the strands with heat tools.

Tip 5 - Make sure you retain your hair moisturised in the same manner you do with your skin to help keep it in good shape. Almond and coconut oils are the perfect for moisturising. You should use the oils two times per week or whenever you feel necessary to use a tiny amount to keep fly aways at bay and avoid making your hair oily. For styling and frizz, you should use argan oil even though it is a dry oil, it can still be moisturising for your hair.

Tip 6 - Avoid using heat on virgin real hair extensions and chemical-based hair products off it too. Pick a qualified organic, natural hair products to saviour the greatest results fixing your virgin real hair extensions and own hair too. All hair products ought to be gentle and advantageous towards the hair.

Virgin hair extensions provide the most basic looks and you may select a style that actually works for the hair preferences. Good care is important for that hair so be cautious the way you handle it.

Does anyone else have trouble finding hair extensions that matches their hair colour too? I change my colour almost every other week, so the struggle is very real haha!

See you in my next post,
Love Melody xo.

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  1. this article was really helpful and true. Even for me, who is always wearing hair extensions, didn't even know some of these stuff mentioned. But i really agree that virgin hair extensions is way better than artificial hair and it will last waaaaay longer too. The only thing is with virgin hair is it takes more care, you just need to take care of your hair extensions just like you would take care of your own natural hair and you'll be fine.

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