New Year, New Blog

by - January 03, 2015

For many years now I've been meaning to start a blog where I review products, talk about lifestyle things and other everyday life topics. I made an attempt at starting a blog before when I was a lot younger but I simply did not have the maturity to stay committed to something like this nor did I have anything particular to blog about that would be of interest to anyone other than my circle of friends aged 13/14 at the time.

The longer I've procrastinated about starting a blog like this, others have already conquered and succeeded in doing so, I obviously don't need to name anyone as I think you can already think of successful bloggers/youtubers I can only dream of being as successful as one day.

My blogging experience only goes as far as Tumblr, I've been on there since 2010 for personal use but now I think it's time for me to branch out and try a different type of blogging style. I hope my time on here will be a fun experience and that you can join me on my blogging journey.

I'd like to finish my first blog post by saying a very Happy New Year to you all, may 2015 bring you good health and happiness.

Melody xo.

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