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by - January 06, 2015

In the past, I would try and avoid liquid eyeliners at all cost, simply because I hated the range of applicators available (a few years back). I found the ones I tried gave me a lack of control and the brush/nib would either almost poke my eye out or the product would all just clump up on the brush/nib.

That was until my cousin introduced me to the Japanese Makeup brand Majolica Majorca (company of Shiseido) and my beloved Perfect Automatic Liner a few years ago, it has now become my all time favourite liquid eyeliner. Also, their packaging is absolutely to die for! Super elegant and girly, yet still edgy. I can't even begin to express how much I LOVE it!

The eyeliners come in a range of colours, so you're bound to find a colour suitable for you.

Once you take it out of the packaging, remove the middle pink plastic and push the other two parts together (inside the lid is the brush), take the lid off and the brush should be now connected to the rest of the pen, twist the other end of the pen and the liquid should start making its way to the brush, you'll here clicking noises when twisting.

Every time I've purchased this eyeliner I've always had it in the darkest black (BK999), but recently for Christmas my cousin (who is a cabin crew) flew over and brought with her two new colours for me to try. 

 (left to right: BR601, 35, BK999)

BR601: Chocolate Brown colour with slight bronze shimmer.
35: Pearly Pink colour with shimmer.
BK999: Matte Black colour.

This eyeliner is like a dream for those who doesn't settle for anything less than having clean/sharp lines when perfecting the winged eyeliner look. The brush comes to a fine point so you can achieve a precise line, the thickness of the lines is determined by the pressure you use, if you want a thin line don't press down too hard and if you want a thick line, add pressure when applying. It is also great for people who get oily eyelids, once applied it will not budge whatsoever even when you rub it with your fingers, and it doesn't transfer. But when it's time to remove it, it comes off with ease, a wet wipe does the trick, no need for fancy makeup removers or anything of the sort. You don't have to worry about the eyeliner drying up since the liquid doesn't get exposed even with the lid off or the eyeliner getting wasted because with each twist, only a little of the product is released to the brush.

 As far as I'm aware you can't purchase Majolica Majorca products in shops in the UK (or else I would have already bought them all hahaha..) I've always stocked up on them if and when I go to Hong Kong and make sure I have enough until the next time I go back, or when my aunties and cousins send packages over I put a request in for them if I'm running out.
If you go on websites such as eBay, Amazon or any Asian beauty product distributors such as YesStyle Beauty Shop* I'm sure they'll ship to many countries. Currently its priced at $98 HKD on the SaSa website, but don't fear! It may sound like a lot of money but it really isn't that much at all, convert it to GBP it only cost around £8 which is a bargain in my eyes and totally worth the money!

Another product I'd highly recommend from Majolica Majorca is their mascaras. If you have short, straight, stubborn lashes like mine, their mascara will give your lashes the lift, length and volume you've always wanted in seconds.

Melody xo.

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