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by - September 20, 2015

Almost a year ago a Kiko Cosmetics store opened up near me, I had no knowledge of the brand prior to seeing the store and since the products are not in Boots/Superdrug (UK drugstores), I thought the products would be super expensive because of its swanky looking interior. Despite the stores minimal decor it really gave off a fancy, high-end vibe, it certainly made me feel like I had instant class just walking through the doors!

I have walked past the store so many times after uni when catching the bus, but because I've always thought Kiko was high-end, their products would obviously cost more than I could ever afford.
However, the other day I went shopping with my friend, and I had just been paid so I thought why not go in and have a look I don't have to buy anything, but boy was I was pleasantly surprised! The price was not only affordable but the packaging of their products makes them look like its a high end store, resembling MAC. Without hesitation, I bought myself the Precision Lip Pencil in 300 Caffe Latte, then a few days later, I went back and bought the Contouring Pencil Set in Medium to Dark from their new Limited Edition Rebel Romantic range.

(Precision Lip Pencil 300 Caffe Latte £4.20)

This is a gorgeous nude brown colour, perfect for every skin tone, you can wear it on it's own or put a lippy over the top, the finish is matte and the colour isn't too dark or too light. It's true to colour and pigmented, a very natural looking lip colour. When using it, definitely put some lip balm on, or else it will feel very drying and feels like you're tugging and dragging the product across your lips. I like to use this as a base then put my Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish lipstick in 03 over the top.

T'is me with it on :D

(Rebel Romantic, Contouring Pencil Set 02 Medium To Dark £9.90)

After having an awkward encounter with an old high school 'friend' (she wasn't actually a friend, don't think we ever spoke more than 10 words to each other, she was one of the popular kids in my year at school, but for the sake of retelling this incident let's just call her that for now) who worked there that I hadn't seen in 4 years, I asked for the Light to Medium shade, but to my surprise she said they didn't stock it, yet it was on display. The contour set only runs in two shades, Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. But because I really wanted it, and had been looking for some contour sticks for a while now, I thought the price was decent enough and she said it blends out well so I bought it.. Not going to lie though, the pretty rose gold packaging played a part in the reasoning for this purchase.


I don't know why I thought the rose gold would be metal, but I guess that's where the price of the product shows in it's plastic packaging. Don't be fooled by the amount of product you're getting in each stick, the product doesn't run throughout the tube, including the product sticking out of it, you're only really getting half the tube. They're the size of 1 and a half average sized lipsticks, you get about 2g extra of the highlighter though, if it's any consolation..
It sounds like I'm slating the product more than I'm liking it hahaha but I really do love it, I PROMISE! I just wanted to be honest just in case some people thought they would be getting a whole tubes worth of bronzer and highlighter.

The highlighter is a beautiful light tan pearl shade with only a slight gold shimmer (barely detectable), the Light to Medium 01 shade's highlighter is a more pearly pink. It's super creamy and smooth and subtle on the skin.
Personally, the bronzer crayon is a bit on the red side for me, but because, again, it's super creamy and smooth, it makes it easily blendable and doesn't look too harsh on my skin tone, so it's workable and wearable. The colour intensity is buildable but I wouldn't advise it for those who are light/fair skin toned though, as the red base in the bronzer could look tacky against those skin tones, even if it's blended out, if you can, do try the Light to Medium shade instead. Also, if you are dark skin toned, I don't think this bronzer would show up on your skin tone much, due to it not actually being that dark even though it says its for medium to dark.

I wouldn't say this contouring set is my one true love or my holy grail product, I'll be on the look out for others, I think it'll be good to have a range of contouring products in the form of creams and powders (I've been eyeing up the Sleek Contour Kit for a while now..). But Kiko's Contouring Pencil Set is perfect for those who are just starting out in the big scary world of contouring and highlighting since it's so easy to use.

I would say they are a mid-end priced store, with products on both side of the price spectrum, but definitely an affordable cosmetic store for all. I highly recommend everyone to go into a Kiko Cosmetics store near you to have a browse, even if you don't buy anything, you never know, you might see something you like ;)
It's become one of my favourite cosmetic stores so fast, there's no doubt I'll be paying them a visit again and again.............. and again.

Melody xo.

Disclaimer: All these products were bought with my own money. I have not been paid to advertise these products. All opinions are my own, therefore won't apply to everyone. Do test/try before you buy so you can see if the products work for you or not. Also, please don't let my opinions affect yours on products/brands you love, everyone is different and products will work differently on different people!

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  1. The packaging of these are truly beautiful i wish there was a kiko near me:c

  2. I love kiko cosmetics! The lipstick in 916 is a perfect rose nude! I have just started a blog and would love if you could check it out!xx

  3. I've heard so much about this brand and I must say, it looks amazing! Must try it sometime.

    x Annabelle